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Beta-Glucan Sheets
Beta-Glucan Sheets

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100% Beta-Glucan Hydrogel Sheet
Moisturizing and Cooling * Burns and Scar Treatment * Proliferation of Fibroblast and Keratinocyte * Collagen Synthesis of Fibroblast * Helps even Skin Tone* Aids In Healing of Skin Damaged Skin * Reduce Wrinkle Reformation

β-glucans are notable for their ability to modulate the immune system. They work in an incredibly powerful way by stimulating the activity of macrophages, which are versatile immune cells that ingest and demolish invading pathogens. As they do so, they stimulate other immune cells to attack. Macrophages also release cytokines, chemicals that when secreted enable the immune cells to communicate with one another. In addition, beta glucans stimulate lethal white blood cells that bind to tumors or viruses, and release chemicals to destroy it.
A powerful antioxidant researchers also believe that beta glucan stimulates collagen, possibly by inducing the release of immune/inflammatory mediators, such as IL-1 and NFkB. When applied provides soothing, moisturizing and antiirritant properties. Our Beta Sheets have been used to counteract the irritant effect of ingredients such as retinol. It could also be a great addition to sunscreen as it provides protection of the skin if applied prior to UVlight exposure, helping to prevent redness.

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